External relations

The first steps of the construction of a large naval Sfax

·         Build a marina

·         The establishment of an industrial and commercial complex for Marine Construction as part of an Italian-Tunisian partnership

A delegation of Italian industrial investors visited the regional union of industry, commerce and crafts. During which they presented the progress of projects to establish a partnership Tunisian Italian to establish a marina in preparation for the creation of a huge industrial and commercial project for the Marine Construction and the edges... the delegation belongs to the municipality (Madzara D. Vallo Mazara del Vallo) of the province of Sicily.

According to Mr. Med Samir Ben Amor, member of the executive of the Union and President of the Chamber industry shipbuilding, this visit is a continuation of mutual partnership between the two countries. A Tunisian delegation is invited to visit Mazara.

The same time, home from Tunisia to Sicily was inaugurated in the presence of the Ambassador of Tunisia to Italy and the Tunisian consul in Italy in response to the launch of the house Sicily to Tunisia.

The visit was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in October 2012 with the participation of representatives of some of the relevant structures of the Ministry and in some industrial fisheries. It was followed by other visits...

Mr. Med Samir Ben Amor said the project aims to industrial and commercial complex for Marine and not only for vessels construction, but it also includes terrestrial and marine engineering industries with the possibility of operating in the studies and the specialized training ... He also informed us that it was agreed to bring two pieces of offshore blocks thrown in Italy to exploit components of the steel during the month of April next year, and that all 35 pieces..

Regarding the beginning of the implementation, it depends on the completion of the project with all aspects of the legal point of view, legislative and technical competence of Tunisian ministries even initiated direct impact on operational studies.